Frequently Asked Question
About Aerobic Septic Systems

1.  Do I have to have a maintenance Contract?
    Yes, it is a law in Montgomery and Harris County that you must keep a maintenance contract in effect at all times.  

2.  Is there a maintenance contract that will cover almost everything?
    Yes!!  We offer 3 different levels of service.  We offer a Bronze, Silver and a Gold Contract, the Gold contract will cover all components of the system,     except tank pumpings.

3. What do you inspect on a maintenance visit?
    On each visit we will do a complete inspection of the system which includes: Cleaning filter on the air compressor, clean filter in clarifier, inspect the          water pump, check pH level in pump tank, check chlorine residual, and all reports are submitted to the county in which you live.  If you are a Silver or         Gold customer, we will add chlorine if your system needs it.   We will leave an inspection report for each visit.

4. My septic system is making a humming noise, it that normal?
    Yes, that humming noise is your air pump and that is normal.

5. Why does my aerobic septic system smell?
    An aerobic septic system has to have air in it at all times or the beneficial bacteria will die causing it to smell.  Common household cleaning supplies or         other foreign, non biodegradable material that was added to the system could be the reason your bacteria is no longer active.   You could also have too        much water going through the system, examples are leaking faucets or commodes.  

6. I have a terrible smell inside my house, is that from the septic?
    Most of the time, septic odors in the home are usually a result of plumbing issues and not because of your septic system.

7. What can I do if an alarm and/or alarm light comes on?
    First, check your breakers to ensure power is getting to the septic system.  If your breakers have not been tripped, please call our office at 281-354-      9284.

8  Is the water that is spraying out of my septic system sprinklers safe?
    If the chlorine is being correctly maintained and your system is functioning properly, the water supply spraying onto your lawn is safe for animals or          children to walk on.  Standing water should never be played in or drunk by humans or animals.

9. The chlorine for the aerobic systems are so expensive, do I have to add it to my system?
    Yes, it is mandatory that you must maintain chlorine in your septic system.

10. Where can I buy the chlorine and can I use swimming pool chlorine?
    No, you cannot use swimming pool chlorine, you must buy the chlorine that is for Aerobic Septic Systems.  We sell it here at our office for $68.00 a          10lb. bucket or you may purchase it at Home Depot or Lowe's in the plumbing department.  

11  Does your company sell a liquid chlorinator and what type of chlorine can I use?
    We sell a liquid chlorinator for $400 and you can use everyday household bleach.

12. Is there anything that I cannot put into the septic?
    Most things are okay in moderation; however, you should not put things like large amounts of chemicals or grease.  Please click here for a list of Do's       and Dont's for your septic system.


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